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Our Complete Line of Services

pop over to this web-site see this website FABRICATION FACILITY

this The 5000 sq.ft. welding and fabrication facility is equipped with high-grade, top-of-the-line welding and fabrication equipment. We are ready to tackle any project that comes through our shop door.

this Our in-shop welding processes include:

  • Shielded metal arc welding (mild steel electrode)
  • Gas metal arc welding (mig welding)
  • Tungsten inert gas welding (tig welding)

dating now and then essay Our shear machine capacity:

  • Shear can cut up to 1/4″ mild steel plate
  • Shear cut length is 120″

mujer soltera con hombre divorciado Our press brake capacity:

  • Press brake will bend 1/4″ plate
  • Press brake max length is 72″

Our typical plate thickness is 0.188″, and sheet thickness is 0.125″. We can custom order additional materials to suit your project.

Our facility has an overhead bridge crane with 4000lb capacity, along with a Caterpillar forklift with 8000lb capacity to handle offloading.

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Wright’s Welding is equipped with a complete portable welding rig to service equipment on-site, as well as production lines.

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Our administrative staff would be happy to provide you with a selection of assorted metals. If we do not have it on hand, we can order it with next-day delivery to our shop.

We can provide refills for gas cylinders.